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National Demographic Indicators Series

Australian population dynamics

A lot has been made in Australia in recent years about the challenges presented by an ageing population. The baby-boomer generation, already making the move into retirement, will place considerable weight on Australia’s supportive infrastructure and test our public finances.

However, while this narrative is regularly repeated throughout the Australian mainstream media, it has become a little dated. First of all, there was something of a ‘structural break’ in Australian population dynamics around the turn of the millennium, with new trends in fertility and migration asserting themselves.

Though the weight of the population moving into retirement will still present Australia with some challenges, the baby boomers’ generational burden is perhaps not as great as initially feared.

.id projections highlight two further key growth markets that will define the next 20 years. That is, alongside significant growth of the retirement-aged population, there will also be considerable growth in people moving through their peak-earning years, as well as considerable growth in school-aged children. It is these three segments that are projected to be the focus of growth in the next twenty years, and their strength will present business with many opportunities.

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