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National Demographic Indicators Series

About this series

The National Demographic Indicators Series is a set of key social and demographic measures for every Local Government Area in Australia. The series is designed to give the Australian community a quick snapshot of each LGA at a point in time and enable easy comparison across LGAs within each state. LGAs can see where they rank against others on the 16 included measures.

All datasets except for Estimated Resident Population (ERP) are sourced from the 2016 Census of Population and Housing. The 5-yearly population Census run by the Australian Bureau of Statistics is a fantastic snapshot of the population enabling you to identify the unique characteristics of each LGA and to compare them to each other and to the State. The ERP is updated annually and is considered the most accurate and official population of an LGA. See the data notes section for more information.

This series is a subset of a much larger repository of demographic information that is available through Links to the larger dataset are provided where they are available. You may also be interested in .id’s National Economic Indicators Series for LGAs across Australia.

About .id, the population experts

.id is a company of population experts - demographers, spatial analysts, urban planners, forecasters, census data and IT experts who build demographic information products for Australia & New Zealand.

We understand how cities, towns and regions are growing and changing. Name a place and we can tell you about its population’s past, present and future!

We use spatial data to tell this story in powerful web applications.

We share this knowledge with our clients so they can make confident decisions about when and where to provide services and invest in infrastructure.

Our clients are organisations who contribute to building our cities and communities. They include local & state government, education providers, housing developers, retailers, health care providers, utilities companies, banks & insurers, sporting clubs and planning consultants.

During our 15 years in business, we have built over 550 websites delivering analytical and spatial decision making information to more than 300 clients Australia-wide and in New Zealand. These sites are publicly available in .id’s demographic resource centre.

Our information products meet the challenge of delivering meaningful information to users with diverse information needs and skill levels – from analysts to the general public – by organising and presenting complex data in an intuitive format. As consumers of spatial data ourselves, we fundamentally understand how users want to consume that data.

We believe that by making demographic information accessible to the broadest possible audience, and promoting evidence-based decision making, we are contributing to a fairer and more sustainable society.

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Demographic Resource Centre

.id converts demographic and economic data into online decision making tools designed to build knowledge and support evidence-based decision making. Local governments across Australia engage .id to prodce demographic information for their local areas. Delivered online, these demographic websites become a public resource for everyone to access.

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